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Actuarial Organizations:

The American Academy of Actuaries

The Casualty Society

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries

The Society of Actuaries

The International Actuarial Association

Actuarial Education in Iowa, the Midwest, and Texas:

Drake University

The University of Iowa BS and MS

Illinois State University

The University of Illinois

The University of Texas

The University of Wisconsin (Madison)

The University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee)

Other educational links for Actuarial Science programs in the US

Personal Actuaries and Other Small Consulting Firms:

Insurance Strategies Consulting

M. I. Serota Pension Actuarial Consultants

Bragg Associates Mortality Research


Contingencies Magazine

National Underwriter

Mathematical and Statistical Organizations:

American Mathematical Society

The American Statistical Association

Mathematical Association of America

Miscellaneous Links:

So You Want To Be an Actuary

Colorado Insurance Department

Iowa Insurance Department

Texas Insurance Department

The National Association of Insurance Commisioners

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Links Resume ARC 2010

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